Super realities of self-employed life

A few years ago, when we quit our corporate jobs and went out on our own, we got hit with many realities of self-employed life.

One of which was fact that it was no longer someone else’s job to hoard away the mandatory 9.5% of our pay for our retirement.

When we tried to do the right thing and take care of it ourselves, we got slammed with several hurdles that our self-employed friends and family had faced for years.

So suddenly we found ourselves asking what if…

  • ...there was a way to stash money away for retirement, but you could dip into it any time if your income starts to vary?
  • ...for the first time ever, it was smooth for self-employed people to contribute to super (and cut their tax) without having to agonise with paperwork?
  • ...superannuation didn’t sound complicated and boring, but actually got you excited about your bucket list?

And GigSuper was born out of that need to empower all self-employed Australians to finally do super right.

We’ll guide you through

The best of traditional super

Superannuation is the one thing your future self will high five you for. Because money in the bank means you’ll be calling the shots and living retired life on your own terms.

And some parts of traditional super are actually pretty amazing at setting you up for success.

Which is why we’ve partnered with the following superannuation powerhouses to compliment our technology and make super finally work smoothly for self-employed folks.

The Trustee

Just in case you’re not ‘fluent in superannuation’ (and why would you be if it’s not your day job?), it’s worth knowing that every fund has a trustee.

So, if you think of a super fund as a club with only members in it – and no owner – you realise it’s not really feasible for the members to steer the ship. Which is why a fund engages a trustee to take charge.

The trustee makes sure the fund operates in the best interest of the members. And it’s the trustee’s responsibility to make sure your nest egg is looked after.Which is why we thought you might like to meet GigSuper’s trustee: Diversa.

  • Diversa

The Fund Managers

You’ve met the team that built the tech. And the trustee. Now let’s introduce you to some of the biggest and most trusted companies in the biz who manage the money in your GigSuper:

  • BetaShares
  • Vanguard
  • iShares
  • State Street

The Insurer

Do you know that some award-winning funds may not automatically cover self-employed workers, even if they’ve been paying the insurance premiums for years?

This didn’t sit right with us.

So, just like we purpose built the rest of GigSuper around the self-employed community, we sat down with our insurer, Hannover Re, explained the problems with existing policies as they related to self-employment, and designed insurances specifically for self-employed folks.

  • hannover re