Community Chat: Stephanie Kenny from ShowUp Pilates

Steph is the owner and founder of ShowUp, a Melbourne-based pilates studio and is a huge advocate for taking care of yourself through healthy eating and movement.

Steph is the owner and founder of ShowUp, a Melbourne-based pilates studio and is a huge advocate for taking care of yourself through healthy eating and movement. 

When she founded ShowUp, she hoped that it would serve as a platform to help others to work on themselves both physically and mentally, and create a safe space for people to show up for themselves day-to-day both on and off the mat.

  1. So Steph, tell us what inspired you to start your business, and what steps did you take to get it off the ground?

The inspiration came when I lost my career in travel at the start of the pandemic in April 2020.

I took a couple months to focus on my mental health and my pilates practice. In this time I completed my qualification as an instructor. I had actually started my course in February 2020 before being laid off, so I feel as though my higher-self knew I needed a 'side hustle'. From there I let my intuition guide me and I was determined to make my side hustle my new day-to-day way of living. 

  1. What 3 pieces of advice would you give to someone looking to start a business in your industry?

Create your own classes and take the time to feel what's coming through your body. This is how clients and people are going to get the most out of a class.

Be available and supportive to anyone coming to you with any questions. I believe this includes giving back to others in the industry. Sharing and gratitude is the key to connection.

Stay grounded and humble while you explore what you think is the ultimate way of living. 

  1. How do you manage time working on client stuff vs building your own business? Are there any particular tools you use to help you stay on track, promote yourself, manage your time, do the actual writing, etc?

Go along with your creativity and make space in your day, but also don't be down on yourself if you don't get everything done. Take care of your energy and speak your truth. I stay on track through my own daily practices, routine and meditation.

  1. How have you refined your processes over time? Are there any things you used to say 'yes' to in the early days of your business that you say 'no' to now? And why?

I say no to giving free classes away as our industry is already suffering enough as a result of the pandemic.

  1. Who is your ideal client? Why?

There is no ideal client. I really believe that pilates is for everybody and can be beneficial for every single person. The main thing is to give it a go and have fun through the movements.

  1. When it comes to your biz, what part does Instagram play in your marketing strategy? Are there any other platforms you focus on?

Not being able to see people in person has been challenging in connecting with people socially however Instagram and social media has been an effective marketing tool for my business to connect with new members and to remain in touch with people through online pilates sessions. 

  1. On the finance-y side of things, how long were you running the business before you started paying yourself? How did you get through those first few months?‍

My business is still in the early stages so everything generated goes back into building the business and creating a better, more positive experience for my members. It’s forever growing and I am definitely working on this area of the business. 

  1. Now for a less sexy side of growing your own gig - I'd love to hear your thoughts on super. Is super something that was part of your 'business success' strategy from day one, or is it something you only started doing when you found your feet?

Only a year after I started ShowUp I looked into my super, as I’d seen a friendly face from high school (your Super Guide, Paul) on the news, talking about the benefits of super. He’s an incredibly trustworthy person, and after speaking with him I started to look into where my super should be at. 

With Paul’s expertise I was able to see it was the best fit for my business and my future. 

  1. Where do you go to up-level and draw inspo from? Favourite books, podcasts, blogs? Any other resources we should know about?

I really like Kat John’s Podcast - Real, Raw, Relatable. Creativity pours out of me when I stick to my spiritual practices but also feel super aligned and clear on what the needs are for my clients. 

I try to read a book a month on self-development, and another favorite is Aubrey Marcus’s book ‘Own the Day, Own Your Life’.

Rapid Fire Questions:

Where would you go if you were invisible?

Had to think about this one! I would go to the airport right now and jump on a plane to Mexico. 

Any pet peeves?

I dislike when people’s self-talk is super harsh. I'll always try to pick them up on it.

What is your favourite movie quote?

Not too sure of a movie quote, but basically any funny line from Friends. My sister and I know most of them, and usually can pull them out at the drop of a hat for any situation. 

Is there anything else you'd love to share with our audience?

I hope everyone is able to find joy and fun every single day. Lean into love and what you love to do, try to stay connected with yourself and others that serve you and keep showing up for yourself and the universe will always have your back!


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