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GigSuper Demo
Written by Branka Injac Misic
on August 20, 2020

Instagram is the real deal.

People have built businesses on it. Heck, some have even built empires.

And the platform shows no sign of stopping when it comes to growth.

Speaking of growth, we know that a lot of our members use Instagram to grow their business. (And we do, too.)

But amongst all the other things you have to get done in your day, it can be easy to miss valuable tips and tricks that could save you a ton of time with your Instagram marketing...

...and get you all the eyeballs you want on your content.

Which is why we invited our biz pal Cheyenne Hackland from Holler Social to share her know-how with our community last week, in a special Instagram Masterclass.

You can watch the replay here. 👇

Cheyenne took us through so much valuable info and we’ve had fantastic feedback about the content of the webinar.

But of course, having loads of things to get through meant we didn’t get a chance to deep dive into a couple of areas – in particular Instagram tools.

So we’ve pulled together a summary cheat sheet for you of some useful Instagram tools, broken down into four categories:

  • Scheduling
  • Hashtags
  • Layout
  • Analytics

We hope you find them handy and please let us know if you've got any other good ones.

Heads up: These tables may not display properly on a mobile device – check it out on desktop, or download our cheat sheet as a handy PDF HERE.


  • Post directly to instagram without the need for push notifications
  • First comment posting
  • Has tools to help develop relevant content
  • Multiple users per account
  • Doesn't allow larger file sizes
  • No LinkedIn scheduling
  • No saving or storing of hashtags
  • Carousels and videos need push notifications
  • User friendly
  • Drag and drop planning
  • First comment posting
  • Supports multiple accounts
  • Hashtag research not robust
  • Limited analytics
  • Extra fees add up quickly
  • Lacks story planning
  • In-depth analytics
  • Easy to use
  • Drag and drop scheduling
  • Best posting times
  • Helpful strategy planning
  • No auto-post feature
  • Calendar doesn't show images of previous posts
  • Glitchy app
Sked Social
  • Automatic carousel publishing capabilities
  • Supports scheduling with product tags auto-published
  • Visual instagram feed planner
  • Analytics
  • After 7 day free trial, costs go up
  • Story posting tools are basic



  • Well designed user interface making it easy to learn how to use
  • More than just a hashtag generator - has auto likes, auto follow/unfollow, comments, direct messages, scheduled posting, and other Instagram tools
  • Their plans are expensive
  • It uses Instagram bots
  • It's in violation of Instagram‘s terms of service - You run the risk of getting your account band. Not worth risking a business account but might be fun to have a play around with on a side project.
  • Generate, create, analyse and search for the top hashtags for free
  • Great starting point to research hashtags
  • Useful generator tool that will format text as you write it into hashtags for you
  • The website itself can be a bit tricky to navigate – because it's free, there are several ads and distractions which make the site a little less user-friendly than some of the others
  • 7-day free trial where you can do some basic hashtag research
  • You can use it to search real-time data and insights about any hashtag on Twitter or Instagram: popularity ranking, related hashtags, trends, and more
  • Limited features on free plan, requires you to pay for added features
Instagram itself
  • It's native so it gives you an accurate idea of the hashtag performance
  • If the hashtag doesn't come up, it indicates that Instagram is probably blocking that hashtag for some reason
  • It's easy to get distracted by other parts of the platform, instead of sticking to working out your hashtags 😅



Preview App
  • Free with no limit on uploads of photos, videos and carousels
  • Edit your photos with filters
  • Free plan includes basic analytics
  • You'll have to pay a bit to get some of the better features, but depending on where you are with your Instagram marketing, it might be totally worth it
  • Free basic plan available but still cheap if needed to upgrade
  • Simple drag and drop feature to use
  • Free plan offers up to 500 images per month uploaded
  • Not good for scheduling
  • Platform can be a bit slow when uploading content
Plann, Planoly and Sked Social all also provide layout testing.



Union Metrics
  • Profile analysis
  • Keyword listening
  • Campaign reporting
  • Competitive analysis
  • Research
  • Continuously tracking your insta account engagement so you have latest results
  • Expensive plans ranging from $49 - $199 per month but they have a free instagram account check up (analyse the last 30 days of activity)👌
Instagram analytics
  • Free and in house
  • A summary of your follower demographics
  • Data for individual posts
  • Insights from your Instagram Stories
  • Paid promotions data (if you have it)
  • Only available to business account so must have one of those
Plann, Later and Sked Social all also provide analytics.


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