Mother’s Day Winner Spotlight

We’re excited to introduce you to our three Mother’s Day competition winners, Hayley, Rachel and Lucy 🥳 These three incredible women are experts at the family/biz juggle, and they’re here to share their tips, tricks, and a little BTS on being a parent while running a business.

Before we dive in, let’s meet our winners! 🎉

Hayley from @hayleyg.creative

My name is Hayley. I'm a Mum to a toddler called Sophie and a baby boy called Max. I have my own freelance copywriting and digital marketing business, and I LOVE working with like-minded small to medium businesses to elevate their marketing through strategic digital communications and authentic storytelling. On a personal note, I'm a big fan of coffee and I enjoy being near the ocean.

Rachel from @shinecopy

I’m an SEO copywriter for small businesses big on conscience. I get you seen online with naturally written words sprinkled with SEO.  I write copy that feels right for you, connects with your audience and that targets the key words for which you want to be found.

Lucy from @babyberrycollective

I'm a mum of two children, a boy who is eight and a girl who is six. I'm a New Zealander living here in Melbourne and I'm married to an English Professor. We have a family dog called Waffle, who is a cavoodle, and yes, my children named her!

1. What made you decide to start your business? 

“I have a decade of marketing experience, with six of those years as a retail marketing specialist for large shopping centres. After maternity leave with my little girl, I took the leap and started my own freelance marketing business. I wanted greater flexibility to be able to spend time with my family. I also love working with like-minded business owners.”

“I loathed the corporate world and the marketing executive mouse wheel I was on. When I was made redundant after my second child was born, I was thrilled to be paid to leave a job I hated. It gave me the courage I needed to begin my business doing the one part of marketing that I've always loved - copywriting.”

“I was a new mum in Melbourne and I didn't know where to shop. I knew I wanted to support small stores in business, so I started to make a list. I thought that maybe that list would be helpful to others! So I then created my directory called Baby Berry Collective.“

2. What resources do you turn to for inspiration, motivation, and business growth/development? Any fav books? Podcasts? Courses?

“I really enjoy listening to podcasts like Seize the Yay and Owners Collective.”

“Mostly, I learn from and am inspired by my peers around me in all industries.”

“I'm a big fan of The Digital Picnic for all things social media and when it comes to finances, I love Fuel Accounting. I love listening to many different podcasts, some of my favourites are the Jasmine Star Show, online marketing made easy with Amy Porterfield, brand builders lab podcast with Suz Chadwick, product printer success podcast with Catherine Langman and the recipe for SCO success with Kate Toon.“

3. Tell us a little about a day in your life, everything from family to business.

“My day always starts with a good coffee! If it's a daycare day, then I like to try to fit in some exercise, whether it's a walk with my Cavoodle Ruby or the gym. I'll then get stuck into client work and meetings. To mix it up, sometimes I'll work from a cafe, otherwise it's from home. After a busy day of work, I'll do the daycare pickup. 

If it's a mama day, then I like to get out the house first thing in the morning with the little ones. We like to go to the Botanic Gardens or catch up with friends at a playground or park (anywhere there's good coffee!). After dinner with my husband and once the kids have gone to bed, I'll sometimes log onto the computer again later in the evening to get some work done.”

“It's a scramble! From lunch boxes, to pre school and school drop offs to coffee, exercise, client calls and chunks of writing. There are days when the words don't come and others when I'm with my wildlings. Somehow, everything gets done, dinner is cooked and everyone is taken care of. ”

“I get my children to school, we are lucky enough to be able to walk there, and then I take 30 minutes for myself and walk the dog while listening to a business podcast. Then it's back home and I'm at my stand-up desk working non-stop from nine till 3pm. I like to be very careful with my time, so I break down my working day into half hour sections, that way I'm able to allocate all of my jobs and get it done in the time that I have. After school we’re usually rushing around for swimming and tennis before it's back home for family time in the evening. Most nights I tend to work after the kids are in bed, as social media is a big part of my business and the majority of people are online in the evening.

4. How do you find juggling parenthood with business ownership? 

“The juggle is real! I'm still learning as I go, but I found it really helpful to compartmentalise work from spending time with the kids (unless it's a quick email or checking social media). This helps me to really focus on work without distractions (like my toddler trying to type on my laptop!) and also be present when I'm with my little ones. I'm also a big fan of writing to-do lists, so I don't forget anything important. I'm lucky that I have supportive parents that can help me out with the kids on occasions when there's an important deadline or if I have a meeting that's not on a daycare day.”

“Impossible some days. I run my own business because it's worth more to me than a commute to do a job for people who don't really care about me. Now, I work for people I genuinely connect with, doing what I love. There are boundaries between mum life and copywriter life, and I have set work days. It's less of a balance and more about flow - and going with that flow, wherever it leads.”

“It took a little while to get used to. When my children were younger the business absolutely had to revolve around them, so when they slept I was able to get a little bit of work done here and there. But now that they are both in primary school I have a big chunk of time to get my work done. I like to be super organised and structured so that everything in my business can get attended to as it is just me working in my business. I make sure that I have phone down time in the afternoon when my children are back from school so we can spend good quality time together. The same goes for the weekends. I feel lucky that I am able to run my business and work around my family. It was a big drawcard for why I wanted to work for myself!“

5. What do you find the most challenging part about being a parent and running a business? 

“There are times when it can feel overwhelming, especially if a child is sick or something doesn't go to plan. There also seems to be not enough hours in the day! It can be hard to manage work loads to ensure you're not stretched to the limit. As a mum of young kids, I also find the broken sleep at night can be hard to deal with and then having to work when you're feeling super tired (but coffee helps!).”

“Switching from mum/wife/me mode to copywriter mode – and staying present in that.”

“Trying to set a good example for my children when it comes to screen time. It's tricky because I do need to be on my phone and my computer for a lot of the day but I don't want them to think that is the norm! Which is why I make sure I have phone down time, which is incredibly important.“

6. If you could give one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be and why?

“You can do it! Be confident in yourself and learn to say no more often.”

“Believe in yourself. It will turn out better than you imagine.”

“There will be times when you will fail, but not everything has to be perfect! Keep working hard and be passionate about all that you do!“

7. What's one thing people can do to support parents running a business?

“Be understanding of the juggle that parents running a business are managing daily.”

“Pour the coffee!”

“Be flexible with what time is required. When you've got small children, anything can happen, and in particular winter is always tricky when everyone is constantly getting sick! So being flexible with time is a must!“

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