Breathe ease into your every day

Procedures are not the sexiest part of any business, however, Nicole from Artisan Business Solutions genuinely loves every aspect of what she does. Every day, she works with successful business owners to design business solutions that not only support their businesses to thrive but give the mental space to create, live and grow.

When you’re launching your new business, you’re excited to implement the best systems to reach success...but where to start? There are so many bright and shiny solutions that claim to ‘solve’ all the world’s problems, by simply paying a monthly subscription. They can’t all be right…right?!

E-mail and document storage, Client Relationship Management (CRM), Electronic Direct Marketing (EDM), all the new terms that will become your new ‘business owner’ lingo soon enough. How do you decide which is the most important to select right now and where to invest your money?

Well, I have a secret for you.

Investing time to outline your internal workflows at the start of your business will create a solid foundation for all future decisions. And when you choose to implement a solution that introduces additional efficiencies you’ll experience a much smoother transition.

Take the time to explore with these four prompts:

System vs System

There’s a misconstruction of the word system when we discuss this in our everyday life. Where you hear people talk about a system, you may automatically think of a computer. This isn’t incorrect, however, when I think about systems I imagine:

A set of rules, steps, or related actions that together aim towards a common result.

Designing beautifully crafted operating procedures that support the way you want your business to run will automatically start to create efficiencies without the introduction of external solutions.

Designing your Process

Every action completed contains step by step tasks that, combined, complete the desired result. Open a ClickUp/Google/Word Document, sheet of paper or workflow software and jot down each step.

You now have the natural flow of your daily actions:

  • Use your new guide to ensure you capture of all the unconscious steps
  • Sense check with someone who has not performed the task

Each of your newly documented processes combined will form a library of your business operating procedures.

Identify your needs

Where are the strengths and where do you know this is not your thing?

An honest view when designing your procedures provide an opportunity to clearly identify:

  • Areas of internal improvement
  • Outsourcing opportunities
  • Antiquated systems or actions

Understanding your operational workflows will assist you to ensure your current processes are the most efficient way to operate and remove any historical ways that are no longer serving you.

Selecting the right path

Once you have a clear outline of how your business operates, you arrive at the discussion around the introduction of external solutions:

  • Do we need to introduce a software solution,
  • Will we continue manually, or
  • Are we looking for a combination?

Every business and individual is unique and therefore there’s no right answer to this question:

  • If you love working in a fully integrated system with all the whizbang automation, then it's time to review your options and go go go, however,
  • if your business needs paper then that is A-OK.

There’s no singular off-the-shelf solution that will solve everything.

Understanding the needs and requirements for your everyday work will assist you to make conscious decisions for all areas of your business.

Remember: the most expensive solution may not be the best fit for your needs.

How do you feel about the foundations of your operations right now? Will you view your workflows differently? What changes will you be making in your decision-making process?

I would love to hear how you go. Come across and say hello @Theartisanssolutions