The GigSuper Do-athon

The secret to getting ahead is getting started. Join GigSuper’s Do-athon and make 2021 your best business year yet 🥳

This is it! 🙌🏼 Fresh year, fresh opportunity for some great goal-setting & getting-things-done!

Which is why we’d love to invite you to the first ever GigSuper Do-athon.

The Do-athon is created to give you the time and space to focus on your business, set yourself goals, and plan for the year ahead. 

Choose from a bounty of masterclasses all facilitated by GigSuper partners, meet other self-employed legends and leave knowing that you’ve got all the business tools and support you need to make 2021 your best year yet.

Here's what to expect...(we'll keep updating this page as more partners are announced so make sure you keep checking back in)

After a weird 2020, you might feel a little stuck moving into 2021. This masterclass is going to help you set your goals for 2021, create an action plan and teach you how to use planning tools to ensure you don't burn out.

The Instagram algorithm is often the most frustrating thing to businesses. But what if we remove the mystery behind it, figure out what it likes and what it doesn't like and watch your business grow. This masterclass is going to teach you how to do just that.

A masterclass focusing on how to develop a creative business strategy so you can make an impact and scale your business profitably.

Learn how to avoid the mistakes business owners often make when it comes to pricing. This masterclass will guide you through the practical tips you can implement to boost your average sale and increase your profits.