Top 10 Accounting #GigSuperStars

When you’re self-employed and wearing all the hats in your business, there’s often no time left in the day to celebrate your achievements. But you deserve a moment to revel in just how far you’ve come.

Which is why we launched #GigSuperStars – a fun competition that’s all about celebrating the diverse talents, skill sets, and biz super stars from the Aussie self-employed community.

The concept is simple: the community nominates, the nominees fill out an official nomination, and 10 winners emerge – each with a small, but super handy prize that celebrates their journey.

And this time we’re celebrating those that help us keep our finances running smoothly...Accountants.

So, please join us as we celebrate these 10 incredible winners from our community (in no particular order)...

Katie from @propelleradvisory

Katie is the founder and CEO of Propeller Advisory. She grew increasingly frustrated by the accounting world’s approach to doing things ‘the way they’ve always been done’, so she decided to shake things up, and Propeller Advisory was born. Since then, alongside her amazing team, she’s cultivated a community of supportive business owners that now form the heart of Propeller.

Her SuperStar quality is that, similar to GigSuper, her mission is to empower people with their finances in their personal life and in their business. She also strives to make accounting & business advisory more than just numbers by focusing on holistic growth.

Michelle from @littlemissbookkeeping

Michelle is a Chartered Accountant leading a small team in her bookkeeping and accounting firm.

Her SuperStar quality is that she puts the ‘super’ in superannuation😁 .  She helps small business owners make their superannuation super easy!

Andrew from @illumin8partners

Andrew is the founder of illumin8 where he leads an amazing award-winning team. They pride themselves on being different… good different. Illumin8 is intent on finding new (and better) ways to do business so that their clients can kick goals and spend more time doing what they love.

His SuperStar quality is that he doesn't have the legacy of the old world of accounting. Andrew loves to always push the boundaries, and ask lots of questions. He listens to the answers and he’s not afraid to challenge what he hears.

Shannon from @shan_alyce

Shannon is a mum and accountant who is passionate about all things finance, and helping to bridge the gap of financial literacy between men and women, empowering women to understand their finances better and increase their financial IQ with the fun, easy to understand content she posts regularly.

Her SuperStar quality is that after working at a traditional, old fashioned accounting firm for almost a decade, she followed her gut and has built a personal brand which is friendly, feminine, modern and fun. Through Instagram she’s been able to connect with her audience by being herself - a mum, friend, fiancé who happens to also be an accountant and passionate about sharing tax and finance related tips and opening her own firm that aligns with her vision of what accounting can be like for those that find it scary and overwhelming, breaking it into simple, easy to understand advice.

Emma from @thewomensaccountant

Emma prides herself on being everything that a cliche accountant isn’t! She helps women in business create profitable businesses they love without the BS💕

Her SuperStar quality is that she’s shaking up what is typically a boring, male dominated industry. She lives and breathes small business finance, and LOVES it.

Brendan from

Brendan is a small business guru and understands the challenges business owners face. He is dedicated to helping his clients improve efficiencies across all areas of their business, from implementing cloud software solutions to advising on legal structures for tax minimisation and asset protection.

During his 8 years of tax and small business experience Brendan has advised a wide range of clients including franchises, café and restaurants, trades and medical professionals. He has gained a wealth of knowledge on business structures and ensures his clients are set up correctly from the beginning.

His SuperStar quality is that after working in various accounting firms with clunky software, cubicles and excessive middle management, Brendan and his partner Daniel joined forces with a clear vision of what a progressive accounting firm should look like. They’ve thrown out all of the stereotypes; timesheets, charge out rates and silly overheads to deliver innovative and actual value to their clients.

Jolene from @tj_accounting

Jolene is passionate about helping women to succeed in the business world.

Her SuperStar quality is that her firm is made up of award-winning Indigenous business owners and members of the LGBTQI community. As broad-minded and accessible accountants, they can create real-world financial solutions customised for you.

Vicky from @vicky_krishnamurthy

Vicky is a Chartered Accountant with over 14 years’ experience in public practice. She loves numbers and processes and after many years of working in public practice, she started Glide Accounting to work alongside talented clients to provide them with personalised accounting and tax advice, simplify their tax time processes and understand their own business finances.

Her SuperStar quality is that she works with many small business owners whom are growing a business from scratch who are sometimes juggling business, a young family or a full time job whilst the business takes off. Her aim is to assist her clients to understand and take control of their business and their finances and make the best decisions from the start. 

Diana from @balancetax

Diana is a business accountant who cures tax anxiety and ensures her clients feel seen, heard, understood, and in control of their business money. She employs a fantastic team of 10 and together they work with clients all over Australia to make sure they are keeping the ATO a happy chappy. All of their work and meetings are completely virtual, meaning clients can get in touch and have their questions answered from a boat in Tasmania or while working FIFO in the outback! Their firm was recently awarded Institute of Public Accountants 2020 WA Practice of the Year as well!

Her SuperStar quality is that she started Balance Tax Accountants because she saw a huge gap in the market to educate sole-traders on their biz finances. So now her firm is ALL about curing ATO anxiety for self-employed business owners. Balance Tax offers the best of traditional accounting services, but kicked up a notch!

Stephanie from @penny_school

Stephanie started her business because she saw a worrying trend - talented, inspired women growing their creative and innovative businesses to a point where they were drowning in their finances. She saw women losing their passion because of the stress of keeping on top of their financial obligations. She now enables women to get back to the work they love through automated and understandable financial strategy, so they can Make Money Beautiful.

Her SuperStar quality is that she cares deeply about her clients and their businesses. To her, the work she does is about making people's lives less stressful, more prosperous and them wanting to smile more. Accounting and finances are tools for people to live a wonderful life and, and Stephanie wants that for as many people as possible.

If you’re looking for a great accountant, hopefully this list gives you a good place to start your search. Check them out via the links included – you won’t be disappointed.

Keep an eye out for the next round of #GigSuperStars which kicks off real soon. Who knows, we might just be celebrating your zone of genius next 😉