Top 10 Bookkeeping #GigSuperStars

When you’re self-employed and wearing all the hats in your business, there’s often no time left in the day to celebrate your achievements. But you deserve a moment to revel in just how far you’ve come.

Which is why we launched #GigSuperStars – a fun competition that’s all about celebrating the diverse talents, skill sets, and biz super stars from the Aussie self-employed community.

The concept is simple: the community nominates, the nominees fill out an official nomination, and 10 winners emerge – each with a small, but super handy prize that celebrates their journey.

And this time we’re celebrating those that help the rest of us keep sane in our business: Bookkeepers.

So, please join us as we celebrate these 10 incredible winners from our community (in no particular order)...

Aimee from

Aimee is a finance guru, numbers ninja and the Founder of Business Lane by day. Creative, meditator and whisky sipper by night. Ignited by community and connection – in work and in life – Aimee’s here for you *and* your business.

Working in a profession that often comes with a whole lotta stress and anxiety for business owners means that Aimee not only manages the numbers for her amazing clients, but also holds their hands, teaching them all number-things, and guiding them as they make decisions inside their businesses. 

Her SuperStar quality is that through all of this, she walks alongside her clients, teaching in a relatable way, bringing all the chill vibes, and by the time her clients have experienced the way she works, they are legit excited about their finances. 

Amber from @zestbookkeepingsolutions

Amber is a registered bookkeeper and BAS Agent, budget coach, cashflow interpreter, money mindset specialist, wife and mother of two.

Amber's SuperStar quality is helping small business owners with big missions achieve the biggest mission of all: a healthy work-life balance. Once you can understand your finances intimately, you can divide your time more wisely and make room for what’s important, and Amber’s here to make her clients feel proud and excited about their finances.

Chris from @amcbizsol

Chris works with business owners on a daily basis to make sure all the compliance is accounted for, making sure that there aren’t any unexpected surprises.

Chris' SuperStar quality is he’s a mechanic for your books, and he will make sure all the cogs keep churning so you can do what you do best - run your business. 

Debra from @abbstoowoomba

Deb is a wife, mum, and a self-employed bookkeeper passionate about helping business owners claim back their weekends. She looks after all her client’s bookkeeping needs, no matter how big or small, so they can do what they’re passionate about (which likely isn't their business books)!

Deb’s SuperStar quality is helping business owners get back time to do what they are passionate about - the reason they started their business in the first place. By doing this, and fully supporting them, she helps her clients spend time more with their family.

Kaycee from @thrivesociety

Kaycee is an ex-corporate accountant turned virtual CFO and bookkeeper for creative businesses.

She managed the numbers in large multi-nationals but felt tired with her efforts going to the pockets of faceless shareholders. So, she started Thrive Society, with the intention of making a BIG impact on REAL people and their businesses.

Kaycee’s SuperStar quality is having built her business over the past 9 months from nothing to something that has given her more freedom (both time and money) than any job she’s had before. Thrive Society helped her  re-discover her purpose, helping her:

  • Know her worth and value
  • Know her dream client
  • Know her values

Like many small business owners, she’s had to wear all the hats; social media manager, graphic designer, web developer, SEO and copywriter, lawyer, accountant, and CEO!

Lily from @lily_hii_

If there’s one thing you need to know about Lily, it's that she loves numbers! Bookkeeping By Lily was born through her love for numbers and technology.  

Lily coaches small to medium sized business owners on how to get unstuck with their finance by transforming their money mindset and utilising their number knowledge, to not only create financial freedom, but at the same time have fun with their numbers.

Her SuperStar quality is her love of her community. Lily loves supporting the people around her, whether it’s through her work, and also being there when someone needs her.  

Lisa from @accountedforyou

Lisa helps women in business flourish through bespoke bookkeeping services. When working with her, Lisa will help you feel confident in your numbers,  so you can focus on growing your empire.

At Accounted for You, Lisa loves working with her clients to go above and beyond to take away any stress they feel, removing the overwhelm. 

Lisa and her team are passionate about helping their clients love their numbers as much as they do, by explaining the boring stuff in a non-boring and easy to understand way. 

Marlaina from @fuelbusinessconsulting

FUEL helps small business owners gain clarity and confidence around their numbers by providing holistic bookkeeping and small business advisory services!

FUEL was recently featured by Yahoo Finance as one of 'The 10 Bookkeepers & Accountants to Watch in 2021' - pretty exciting stuff!

Marlaina’s SuperStar quality is taking a holistic approach to bookkeeping and truly caring about their clients on a personal level. They know how tough it can be being a small business owner, and how important a healthy mindset is to being successful in business.

Rebecca from @straightup_bookkeeping

After 15 years working as a chartered accountant for big firms and banks, Bec established Straight Up Bookkeeping with a dream of freedom (for her) and support (for small business owners).

Over time, the dream evolved. Bec realised the influence a powerful team of women could have on small business owners struggling with their numbers. Now, Straight Up Bookkeeping is made up of Jane, Noelle and Leila who work alongside Bec to passionately partner with, support and educate their clients.

Bec’s SuperStar quality is understanding the feelings and emotions someone goes through when starting a business. 

She understands the creeping feeling of imposter syndrome and the moments of “what am I doing”, and she and her team are passionate about empowering those business owners to believe in themselves. For them, that means educating and supporting clients to understand their finances

Summer from

OH NINE is built on empowering service based creatives, adventurers and go getters to find their own freedom. Freedom from the books, freedom to take their business to the next level and freedom to roadtrip to Byron for the 97th time this year. Whatever that freedom looks like to them.

OH NINE does good books for good people while being good for the planet. Offering helpful, supportive and damn fine bookkeeping. With a mission to redefine bookkeeping stereotypes and truly help business owners by putting time back in their pockets and taking the stress outta ‘the books’ with simple solutions.

Summer’s SuperStar quality is - in addition to always have a secret stash of Maltesers around - always being up for a laugh. Her approach to everything she does is refreshingly daring and upbeat.

If you’re looking for a great bookkeeper, hopefully this list gives you a good place to start your search. Check them out via the links included – you won’t be disappointed.

Keep an eye out for the next round of #GigSuperStars which kicks off real soon. Who knows, we might just be celebrating your zone of genius next 😉