Top 10 Business Coaches #GigSuperStars

When you’re self-employed and wearing all the hats in your business, there’s often no time left in the day to celebrate your achievements. But you deserve a moment to revel in just how far you’ve come.

Which is why we launched #GigSuperStars – a fun competition that’s all about celebrating the diverse talents, skill sets, and biz super stars from the Aussie self-employed community.

The concept is simple: the community nominates, the nominees fill out an official nomination, and 10 winners emerge – each with a small, but super handy prize that celebrates their journey.

And this time we’re celebrating those that help the rest of us rise: Business Coaches.

So, please join us as we celebrate these 10 incredible winners from our community (in no particular order)...

Clare from @clare_wood_coach

Clare Wood is a business coach and a money mentor. She’s a numbers nerd (a CPA), wrangler of 2 boys, drinker of wine, gym junkie, wanderluster and podcaster with a reality TV addiction. She loves empowering entrepreneurs to manage their money and make more of it.

Emma from @emmarmcqueen

Emma is a Melbourne-based executive, leadership and business coach for professionals.  She works with people across industries and sectors, from those with their own businesses to those working in some of Australia’s leading organisations, both corporate and non-profit. Her coaching philosophy is based on harnessing the power of strengths and on taking action to get results.

Alexa from @alexacoaches

Alexa is a Success and Mindset Coach for female leaders, change-makers and entrepreneurs! She partners with women to step into their power and clarify their purpose.

Her business, and mission in life and business, exists to solely empower women to live BIG and JUICY lives!

Tori from @tori.kopke

Tori is The Rural Business Coach – a Texan transplant based in the Wheatbelt of WA on the family farm with her husband and son. She loves helping businesses across the country through smart strategy and effective sales systems.

Find her hanging out on Instagram, on her podcast or inside her amazing community Big Ideas Rural. This virtual space connects rural business women from across the country to help them upskill and network with one another.

Tori believes in sharing practical and actionable advice with her clients, and giving them tactics they can implement to see an immediate result. She understands the challenges of growing a business in the country, and wants to help other businesses overcome this hurdle. Her dream is to help grow the economic capacity of small country towns through small business growth.

Shannon from @shannon_thethrivefactor

A super-creator, visionary-thinker, liberation loving, inspiration seeking, wisdom woman, chai devotee, disco tragic and stand-up paddle board enthusiast, Shannon Dunn is an international award-winning Australian businesswoman, and retreat leader, who's regularly sought out as a keynote speaker.

Shannon is author of The Thrive Factor; Unlock Your Effortless Success Zone, a book introducing her archetypal framework. A framework that activates profound personal permission to change the way business women interact with themselves and the world by harnessing their mindset, marketing, money and magnetism.

Affectionately christened #bizyoda by her clients, Shannon coaches and cheers on smart coaches, creatives and impact makers.

Fiona from @mydailybusinesscoach

Fiona is a published author, speaker, accredited business coach and the founder of My Daily Business Coach. After almost two decades of experience working with large and small brands in senior content and marketing roles (including Amazon, Cool Hunting, Audible and Country Road Group), she now spends most of her time helping small Business Owners nail their systems, brand and marketing in a way that doesn't feel gross or make them gag.

Kristy from @kristyrobinson_consulting

Kristy is a business owner, ex state-level leader and small business advocate with two decades of experience under her belt. Growth is a double edge sword, without systems and strategy, growth becomes overwhelming and unsustainable (burnout is almost always inevitable). She works 1 on 1 with business owners to scale to their next level of sustainable growth.

Her goal for every small business owner is to have a successful business AND a life they love.

Anne from @annekoopmann_leadlikeyou

Anne is a leadership and strengths coach, lecturer and speaker who works with individuals and organisations to empower courageous leaders to inspire others and create impact. Through her work, she equips individuals with the key skills needed to become courageous leaders that embrace vulnerability, appreciate their unique strengths, celebrate diversity and take action outside of their comfort zone.

As a certified CliftonStrengths, Emotional intelligence and NLP Coach, Anne offers a variety of programs including 1:1 Coaching, Group and Team Programs, Workshops and Masterclasses.

Her programs are for leaders, business owners and individuals who want to make a difference and are ready to step into their full potential.

Ami from @craftcoachinganddevelopment

Ami coaches leaders, creatives and entrepreneurs to make their greatest impact using leadership development tools, certified diagnostics and strengths based coaching. Ami is an accomplished, accredited and qualified business coach with over a decade of coaching experience in leadership development, strengths-based practice, coaching corporate and small business teams and individuals. She brings her deep appreciation for, and knowledge of, the intersection between the creative and business worlds to her work as Director and Lead Coach for Craft Coaching and Development.

At Craft, we believe creative practices —  like nurturing curiosity, using available resources in new ways, taking a big vision from idea to execution, and creating opportunities from the unexpected — aren’t just for artists, but for everyone.  More than that, we believe the world needs people to practice creative ways of thinking, working, leading and living.

We specialise in one on one custom designed coaching offerings for all leaders and entrepreneurs, designed to achieve your specific outcomes and goals. Our business coaching group program Create runs all year round, and we offer a range of DIY coaching tools and workbooks that can be self-guided and self-led, including our popular Business Plan for Creatives and the Self-Leading Kit .

Angela from @angelahendersonconsulting

Angela is an international award-winning business coach for women, an international keynote speaker and podcaster who helps women in business get all the pieces in place to have consistent 5 figure months, which then grow into 6/7 figure years. All without burning out in the process.

If you’re looking for a great business coach, hopefully this list gives you a good place to start your search. Check them out via the links included – you won’t be disappointed.

Keep an eye out for the next round of #GigSuperStars, which kicks off real soon. Who knows, we might just be celebrating your zone of genius next 😉