Top 15 Graphic Designer #GigSuperStars

When you’re self-employed and wearing all the hats in your business, there’s often no time left in the day to celebrate your achievements. But you deserve a moment to revel in just how far you’ve come.

Which is why we launched #GigSuperStars – a fun competition that’s all about celebrating the diverse talents, skill sets, and biz super stars from the Aussie self-employed community.

The concept is simple: the community nominates, the nominees fill out an official nomination, and 15 winners emerge – each with a small, but super handy prize that celebrates their journey.

And this time we’re celebrating those that help us keep our businesses, brands and websites looking their best… Graphic Designers.

So, please join us as we celebrate these 15 incredible winners from our community (in no particular order)...

Frank from @gdayfrank

Frank is a brand identity designer who helps businesses and people create captivating moments of connection through clarity (although to his son, he’s known as a ‘good cook’!)

Long story short, Frank believes that no matter what you call yourself, your brand is what others say you are. 

His SuperStar quality is, besides being known to dress up and perform in his wife's clothes and a Farrah Fawcett style wig, that he’s the guy that helps others become Superstars to their audiences, customers, clients, families and friends."

Bonnie from @bonnieandclydecreative

Bonnie is an ever-bubbly problem-solver who loves nothing more than making your business look good. Think of her as your graphic design partner in crime, ready and willing to nail your business branding and help you connect strongly with your target market.

Her SuperStar quality, besides being a new mother and juggling work/life balance, is that Bonnie firmly believes that branding needs to make an impact, trigger delight and create a genuine connection with your audience. She’s never aiming for ‘ok’; instead she shoots for ‘WOW!’.

Georgia & Katie from @studio.wednesday

Studio Wednesday is a boutique, creative studio led by two friends, specialising in strategic design & clever content for passionate female-owned businesses. At the heart of Studio Wednesday are two talented individuals who bring the best out of each other on the daily - Georgia and Katie.

After meeting at work, bonding over a mutual love of Celine Dion and cheese boards, they joined forces and started their studio - with one championing content and the other delivering delicious design. They like to categorise themselves as the cutest two-for-one deal in town.

Their SuperStar quality is their passion for creating brands with impact and helping their clients put their best foot forward. They’re committed to delivering brilliant branding & content to female-led businesses.

Emma from

Emma is a brand designer for like-minded small business owners and entrepreneurs, and you’ll often find her with coffee in hand. Emma loves helping people who want to make an impact, connect deeply and truly be seen. She believes that when your branding works seamlessly across all the places your business shows up - then you have the confidence to show up, too.

Her SuperStar quality is *absolutely* loving what she does. Emma is on a mission to help business women fall in love with their brand, so that they have the confidence to be seen. She’s your personal brand champion, here to cheer you on and celebrate your small business.

Crystal from @co_design

Crystal is an inspired, thoughtful and intuitive graphic designer with an irrepressible creative flair for finding unique possibilities to create something truly meaningful. She’s passionate about translating her clients’ purpose, personality and values into beautifully aligned brands. Unafraid of playing with the whole rainbow gamut of fun-loving colour, she’s also a finick for perfection with a fierce attention to detail.

Her SuperStar quality is her love for championing, mentoring and collaborating with others, and her love of supporting the creative community. 

Zach from @design_with_zach

Design With Zach is a Gippsland based design studio lead by Creative Director, Zach Jacobs. Whether it’s a new business venture, new product idea, or taking your existing business to the next level, Zach is right by your side  to help you reach existing and potential customers through meaningful design solutions that tell your story and add value to your brand.

His SuperStar quality is absolutely loving what he does, and helping small businesses look as good as they can, to help them do business as well as they can.

Hannah from

After completing a diploma of Graphic Design in 2015, Hannah went on to work in a small agency on the Sunshine Coast. Fast forward a few years, and she now has her own tiny studio that's creating some truly wonderful businesses. Hannah is incredibly passionate about helping female-led businesses reach their true potential, and it is at the core of what she does at HA Creative Studio.

Her SuperStar quality is the joy she gets from helping her clients achieve breakthroughs in their businesses. Hannah knows that running your own business means you’re wearing all the hats, and loves being a part of helping her clients take a few things off their list.

Michelle from @studiodanu

Michelle is the founder of Studio Danu, named after the Celtic goddess of creativity and inspiration - which is incredibly fitting for her biz! Michelle helps women bring their businesses to life through strategic design and bespoke branding. Michelle ditched her corporate career to follow her heart and do what she loves, where she now channels her creative energy into the brands and women she believes in; supporting and guiding them on the business journey.

Her SuperStar quality is that her support for her clients goes well beyond that of a traditional designer, and she stands by her clients each step of the way as their unofficial cheerleader and brand ambassador.

Laura from @thedesignroomau

Laura is the founder of The Design Room, a design studio that prides itself on helping women in business build brands that they love by providing standout brand identity and website design solutions, helping them feel confident in their businesses.

Her SuperStar quality is her love of helping small business owners follow their dreams by creating branding that resonates with their audience, helping them follow their dreams and make a living doing what they love.

Laura supports the work from home biz owners who give their all to their businesses.
In Laura’s own words, “The self-employed community is passionate, supportive, and caring and we’re all #GigSuperStars! We deserve the best for our future!”

Couldn’t agree more, Laura.

Jasmine from @jhdesigns

Jaz iis the design superwoman behind Jasmine Designs, and creative teacher to her students. When it comes to her clients, Jaz is all about fixing creative problems when they come up, and being only a call away when she’s needed.

For her students, Jaz is the teacher that celebrates design freedom and creative liberty, helping them to create the best design businesses they can, making sure they earn the profits they deserve.

Her SuperStar quality is her trust in herself, and her drive to support and nurture those around her. She;s always busy creating a space for the past version of herself, knowing that’s now where her students are. Jasmine believes that you only need to be a few steps ahead to throw a hand back to help someone else, and we couldn’t agree with her more.

Nancy from @nancyjdesign

Nancy is a sustainably-minded brand and packaging designer who strives to make it easy for brands to be eco-friendly and design waste-free packaging.

Her SuperStar quality is her drive to contribute to a waste-free future by using her design skills and sustainable design knowledge to move brands towards eco-friendly solutions. Through strong visual branding and purposeful designed packaging, Nancy aims to elevate the voices of brands who are working towards a better future.

Su-Ann from @tinycrowd

Su-Ann is a Melbourne based graphic designer making eCommerce brands POP with purpose, intention and impact. At Tiny Crowd, Su-Ann workes on everything branding to print, digital to email, and web to social media. She believes that a strong visual brand can create an impact for good. Not only that, but she’s on a mission to help her clients leave a legacy that’s backed by an unshakeable confidence in their values, their brand and their worth.

Her SuperStar quality is her human-centred take on design, with an emphasis on a collaborative experience with her clients. Su-Ann takes the time to get to know her clients, never selling them on something they don’t need. 

Bec from @bec_evans_design

Bec is a graphic designer specialising in brand design for wellness and eco-conscious business across Australia and around the world. She’s been a graphic designer for over 16 years, and still loves her work as much as she did when she first began designing, especially when it comes to helping small businesses shine. 

Her SuperStar quality is having the courage to leave her corporate job with no plan, but the trust she needed in herself to back her dreams and create her design business. She followed her passion and created a business that champions wellness and eco businesses, helping them create the space they need to thrive and help others along the way. Bec has built a successful business that helps to create a positive impact on the world around her.

Tess from

Tess is a beach-loving brand and web designer based in NSW. She has a passion for supporting small, local businesses that are trying to make a difference, no matter how big or small. She loves helping them find confidence and clarity in their business through branding.

Her SuperStar quality is having the determination and courage to start her business in mid-2020, right at the height of the COVID pandemic. Tess began her business testing the waters of freelancing, before finding herself immersed in helping small business owners find their feet with their websites and branding. A year on, and she’s busier than ever, still learning new things and sharing her knowledge to help small businesses flourish.

Sheryl from @nevertheless.designs

Sheryl’s love of design saw her starting her design business, Nevertheless. Sheryl loves helping fellow female entrepreneurs feel empowered and excited to share their businesses with the world through one-of-a-kind brand identities. She creates intentional and authentic brand visuals that support her clients in attracting their ideal audience and growing their businesses.

Her SuperStar quality is her understanding of what it means to be a small business owner, and the overwhelm that comes with it. Because of this, Sheryl aims to provide a design process that is as easy, stress-free and joyful as possible to create an experience for her clients where they feel listened to, guided and supported.

If you’re looking for a great graphic designer, hopefully this list gives you a good place to start your search. Check them out via the links included – you won’t be disappointed.

Keep an eye out for the next round of #GigSuperStars which kicks off real soon. Who knows, we might just be celebrating your zone of genius next 😉