Top 15 Social Media #GigSuperStars

When you’re self-employed and wearing all the hats in your business, there’s often no time left in the day to celebrate your achievements. But you deserve a moment to revel in just how far you’ve come.

Which is why we launched #GigSuperStars – a fun competition that’s all about celebrating the diverse talents, skill sets, and biz super stars from the Aussie self-employed community.

The concept is simple: the community nominates, the nominees fill out an official nomination, and this time round 15 winners emerge – each with a small, but super handy prize that celebrates their journey.

And this time we’re celebrating those that help bring our businesses to life, and are there to support us when we need a cheerleader on our team… Social Media Specialists.

So, please join us as we celebrate these 15 incredible winners from our community (in no particular order)...

Erika from @mac_ernie

Erika is focused on helping small biz, community groups, and more get the skills and the confidence to market and promote themselves. Erika believes in being very ‘no fluff’ and no jargon (something we can totally get behind!)

She also offers heaps of accessible ways to learn how to create authentic social marketing strategy and content to take the stressing and guessing away and get it actually working by teaching people how to connect it to business strategy and business goals.

Her SuperStar quality is being able to help people remove the anxiety from social media and regain their confidence; using it as the powerful marketing tool it is, as well as using it to help build connections with their audience, supporters and peers.  

Jordan from @scrunchsocial

Jordan is your friendly neighbourhood Social Media & Copy Hero. Specialising in all things social media and copy, she puts a human-centric, personality-driven twist on digital marketing. In other words? She’s not your regular SMM, she’s your *cool* [and super colourful!!] SMM!

Her SuperStar quality is creating a safe space for her community, helping them show up online to connect, collaborate and feel seen, heard and valued. She’s all about connections in a world that’s been stuck at home for 12+ months.

April from @mayjunecreative

April loves spending her time helping ambitious brands absolutely *kill it* on social media through a healthy mix of organic and paid social media strategies!

Her SuperStar quality is that she built her business from the ground up, using nothing but the power of social media. She’s proud to employ a range of contractors, who help her provide beautiful digital marketing solutions to small and medium businesses across Australia. She prides herself on her down-to-earth and honest approach to business, putting kindness and compassion at the forefront of every decision.

Daniella from @youarenaughtynancy

As a newbie to the freelancing industry after working in agency land for a few years, Daniella is a lover of copy and content and has worked with heaps of brands you'd know and love, as well as smaller, values-driven and Aussie-owned businesses doing cool things in cool spaces.

Her SuperStar quality is that she loves nothing more than working with values-driven businesses who are small but solid, and wanting to make a splash in their industry. She’s seen how amazing it can be when a business establishes an engaged online community through her other side hustle, @perspectivetheblog, and she loves helping other businesses do the same. Nothing excites her more!


Alisha from

Practicing what she preaches, Alisha is the founder of The Social Impact, co-creator of the very first Instagram Reels Course, Rise with Reels and newly appointed host of Nova's brand new podcast, Build Your Brand.

She is also known as a Reels Queen, but to her clients she is their Instagram Reels Coach for Product Based Businesses. In the past year, Alisha has grown her account, her business and her impact by helping thousands see their own success through the power of Instagram and Reels. 

Her SuperStar quality is that in a world of noise, chaos and well... a pandemic... Alisha is using her skills, and the power of socials, to really help make an impact on business owners worldwide. From helping them convert followers into sales, to offering instagram and reels tips and tricks, to helping them build their own community and impact. 

Chelsea from @blossommedia_

Chelsea is a proud university dropout who started her business at 20 years old. 2 years later and she’s grown that business into a 6 figure social media marketing agency with a range of wonderful eCommerce clients and even a team member. Chelsea and her team are specialists in their field, helping business owners shine on social media.

Her SuperStar quality is, despite having zero business experience, Chelsea has created a thriving business that she now works in full time. She has the privilege of teaching and working with incredible business owners everyday, and helping them reach their goals on social media.

Hayley from @grevilleamarketing

Hayley is the face behind Grevillea Marketing, and is a big believer in bucking the status quo; bringing that energy and thinking to everything she does. She works across all digital marketing elements with her clients, but Pinterest Marketing is her absolute favourite child when it comes to social media and small business marketing.

Her SuperStar quality is that similar to how GigSuper helps self-employed people grow their nest eggs, Hayley helps them grow their digital marketing egg. Maybe they have a whole nest of Instagram, Pinterest or Email eggs.

Gabbi from @gabbijdigital

Gabbi created Gabbi J Digital to be your social media cheerleader, to make social media work for you, so that you feel comfortable and confident about your online content, and you wake up to engagement!

Her SuperStar quality is that she believes that just like GigSuper, social media should just work! She loves to help simplify social media (just like how we help to simplify super ☺️) so that it’s manageable (and enjoyable!) for entrepreneurs 🙌

Brittany from @thesocialbritify

Brittany helps small business owners gain confidence on Instagram, and works closely with them to teach them how to social smarter, not harder!

Her SuperStar quality is that she loves sharing practical strategies with her community, and busting those crazy IG myths! She’s a business owner too, and she knows how much small business owners have on their plate, so she keeps things simple, quick and effective! 

Ben from @frankieslab

Ben is the face behind Frankie’s Lab, and is a Social Media Strategist helping entrepreneurs and startups tell their story to the world!

His SuperStar quality is his love of both people and his job, which help to connect his wonderful clients with their amazing customers. Ben’s job is to craft a business’s story in a unique and engaging way, and doing this means he’s freeing up his clients’ time to be able to dedicate themselves to doing what they do best - creating one of a kind experiences for their customers!

Monique from @thesocialista_

Monique is a social media manager and Instagram/Reels coach, who helps her clients show up and stand out on social media so that they can take their businesses to new heights! She’s all about creating scroll-stopping content that converts her followers into dollars! 🙌

Her SuperStar quality is that as a self-employed Social Media Manager/Instagram Coach, she decided to take the leap and go all in. She believes that each day she’s sowing seeds to help make her business thrive (🙌) and she’s not only doing that for her own, but for hundreds of small businesses around the world. 

Loan from @thedigitaloctopus

Loan is the face behind The Digital Octopus, helping ambitious brands rise above ‘the sea of same’, and scale through digital marketing strategy and Facebook ads. And by "ambitious", she means brands that care about more than just profits; that are purpose-driven and here to make a social impact.

Her SuperStar quality is that she’s passionate about helping others do better, and is doing her part to change the status quo. Starting a business is no walk in the park, especially as an international student with lack of local connections and safety net, but she’s determined to succeed in her field to show other international students that if they want something bad enough and work hard for it, they will achieve it.

Nat from @collabxsocial

Nat is a social media video strategist and collaboration marketing specialist, who works with brands to create cult online communities and customer bases through awesome video content and leveraging collaborative marketing strategies (e.g. influencer marketing and co-creating products and offerings).

Her SuperStar quality is that her mission is to create a service that provides what her clients *really* need to succeed in the online space (rather than copying what already exists in the space). She uses research and psychology-based strategies to help her clients carve out a unique and hyper-engaging online presence designed to appeal specifically to their target audience.

Jarrah from @sbj.studios

Starting her company at age 19, Jarrah has spent the last 3 years building a social media marketing agency, a team of 5, a portfolio of incredible clients from all over the world as well as a loyal community online at SBJ Studios. Social media is her jam, and Jarrah has worked with hundreds of brands, helping them achieve amazing things through the power of strategic social media marketing and paid advertising.

Her SuperStar quality is that she’s harnessed the power of social media to help grow her business in the same way she does for her clients. She has demonstrated first hand what can happen when you *humanise* your social media marketing and communicate the story, values and vision that make your brand different.

Jessica from @social.tango

Jessica helps women in business reach their digital marketing goals through organic social media and paid advertising services, and works closely with them to bring their businesses to life on social media. 

Her SuperStar quality is that she's your biz bestie and cheerleader! Jessica is always supporting those in business no matter how big or small their achievements are, and her DM's are always open to answer any questions her community might have.

If you’re looking for a great social media specialist, hopefully this list gives you a good place to start your search. Check them out via the links included – you won’t be disappointed.

Keep an eye out for the next round of #GigSuperStars which kicks off real soon. Who knows, we might just be celebrating your zone of genius next 😉.