Punchy packaging that won’t break the bank: Your 4 tips for success

No doubt you’ve spent hours curating your website to ensure it looks great. And your product? Well months or maybe years could have gone into the development, the branding, the final look and finish. But what about the packaging?

What is someone going to rip through when they grab their package from the postie? What is the stuff standing between them and the first time they get your product in their hot-little-hands for the first time?

That packaging is the first physical touchpoint that your customer has of your brand after they've visited your website, so it's important to make it look (*chef’s kiss*) great 👌.

In this article, our pro packaging pals at Woodruff & Co outline a few ideas on how you can create great custom packaging for your products without breaking the bank. Let’s dive in 🤿

Know your target consumer intimately and how you’d like them to perceive your brand

Likely you got to know your target audience pretty well when you developed your product - but let’s extend that to the packaging. It’s not just knowing your customers' age range, likes/dislikes, needs, wants, the problem you solve. It’s taking that intel and wrapping your product in it as an extension of your brand… take this example 👇

If you are selling eco-friendly dishwashing tablets, then your consumers are likely to care about the environment. This should be at the forefront of your mind when developing your packaging - think recycled cardboard box, compostable void fill, and of course sealed with custom water activated paper tape

Consider the 3 components of good packaging

Just like other parts of business, packaging can be broken down into smaller components, giving you an opportunity to establish what’s a “must” have and what are some “nice” to haves. Here’s 3 things to think about:    

  • Outer packaging: The primary purpose of packaging is to prevent the goods from damage in transit, and also to assist in preventing easy tampering and theft.

  • Inner packaging:  Protection of the contents inside the parcel or packaging, and an extension of your outer packaging.

  • Additional elements: This could include usage and care instructions, a loyalty or discount card or a note to the end user about the goods. These added touches are a great opportunity to take your customer from feeling like a number in your sales funnel to part of your tribe. The opportunity to show your brand personality here are endless and an opportune time to set yourself apart from your competitors. 

Aim for packaging with the lowest environmental impact

When in doubt, simple is usually best. While it may be tempting to add in one extra card or personal touch, the simplest packaging that gets the job done is usually your best bet. Extra packaging can not only be harmful to the environment, but it also has the potential to leave a bad taste in your customer's mouth.

Recent trends show that environmentally-friendly packaging  isn't a fringe movement, it's increasingly an expectation of the modern, eco-conscious consumer. Over the last several years we've seen Australian states and territories abolish single use plastic bags, and many have made commitments to abolish plastic straws and single use cutlery. With so much focus in the market on reducing plastic, it's something that businesses selling online and shipping goods, should be very aware of.

The gold standard here is materials that are fully recyclable, compostable and ideally made from recycled material. FSC Certified [Forest Stewardship Council] material such as the Woodruff and Co water activated paper tape, is a big plus if your packaging supplier can provide.

Don't over-invest

If you’re reading this, it's likely you're like us - a small brand working with a budget to match. While it's tempting to purchase large quantities to try maximise on economies of scale - that can lead to a lot of funds being tied up in packaging, and if [worst case!] your business isn't a success or your packaging needs change, you could be left with a lot of boxes going to waste.

Our recommendation is to look at purchasing just a small quantity of plain boxes from outlets or scouring bargain sites online for good deals, and then getting crafty! Customising plain bags or paper with a rubber stamp or using custom paper packing tape is a cost effective way of adding your brand personality to your packaging, while also allowing you an opportunity to test different styles and combinations before committing to a big order. 

With people spending an increasing amount of time at home due to the current circumstances and the skyrocketing popularity of online shopping and eCommerce, there’s no doubt that product packaging will continue to evolve. 

About Woodruff & Co

Founded by husband and wife team Bec and Simon, Woodruff and Co is a small business passionately helping other small businesses look great through beautiful custom packaging. Refreshingly, they know that while custom packaging is desirable, it can be out of reach for many small businesses or for those just starting out on their business journey, so they’ve made it their mission to make packaging tools and resources more accessible, reliable and affordable. So when it comes to presenting your business and products to the world, stop by Woodruff & Co first.