3 reasons why fixing your mindset can help you make more money

We’re ‘super’ excited to be launching our partnership with Zoe Richmond from Zoe Richmond Coaching (formerly known as The Numbers Hub). Zoe works with women to transform their relationship with money – a topic she writes about in this week’s blog.

You might have heard people talking about a little thing called ‘mindset’ – it definitely felt like a 2020 buzzword. But what is it and, more importantly, how can it help you grow a successful and profitable business?

Your mindset is really just your thoughts and your belief-system. I’ve learned, through my training as a Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy practitioner, that a change in how we think about things can make a huge difference to how we experience both life and work. And this includes how we think about money.

As a chartered accountant, I’ve spent years guiding people through the ‘how’ of financial decision-making and my work with NLP now gives me the training to talk to people about ‘why’ they might be making those financial changes. And, most importantly, how changing the way they think about money can help them make even more of it.

My own journey with my thoughts and belief-system started less than 12-months ago and through learning how to frame my ideas, I’ve experienced nothing but positive changes in both my business and my personal life.

I’m much happier, I’ve attracted more clients and opportunities into my business, started a podcast and can handle curveballs (which are thrown at me almost daily) with more ease and grace than ever before.

And it starts from operating from a positive, confident and abundant mindset. If you’re running your business with fear-based thinking, then to pick yourself up after failure tends to be so much harder.

So here are my top 3 reasons why changing your mindset can create positive impact for you.

  1. Your mindset determines the actions you take and the decisions you make. If you’re acting from a fear-based mindset, you’re more likely to self-sabotage your success or not see the possibilities around you. When you’re in more of a growth and abundant mindset, however, you take the big actions you need to and are more able to see the possibilities around you.
  2. If nothing changes, then nothing will change. If you’re chasing bigger, next-level results, but are still doing the same things you were doing last week/month/year, then you’ll have a hard time achieving them. Identifying thoughts and beliefs you have that aren’t aligned with your new goals, challenging them, and choosing new ones will go a long way to change the path of your reality.
  3. What you focus on expands! Our brain can’t possibly process all the bits of information we’re exposed to every day so it filters the information based on our beliefs. If you believe money is everywhere, and you embrace abundance, you will find more opportunity. If you believe scaling a successful business only comes from hard work and a long to-do list then you’ll find yourself burning the candle at both ends and ‘creating’ work for yourself just to feel busy.

To get you started here are a few simple reframes that you can use to change some common thought patterns and start shifting the way you think.

Head on over to Zoe’s GigSuper partner page to read more about the work Zoe is doing and to discover more about her partnership with GigSuper.