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The CEO Approach: Secrets to Biz Planning for the Solopreneur

In this handy workbook, our productivity partner and organiser extraordinaire, Lauren Stratford of Seriously Sorted, walks you through reviewing your business and setting goals for the next period – using a structure to remove the overwhelm from the process.

What you’ll discover...

The CEO approach to business planning when you’re a solopreneur identifies that:

  • Your business has an organisational structure
  • You have several departments in your business
  • You're the CEO of your business
  • You’re also the General Manager of each department

This workbook, along with a recorded explainer guide with Lauren, works through the questions you should be asking yourself as your business CEO and as the head of each department when it comes to your business. Those answers will help you determine pain points in your business, plan for growth, and set goals inline with your broader business vision.