Declutter your task list with the Four Ds

Resource provided by GigSuper's expert partner The Artisans Business Solutions

After a simple and quick way to clean your email and task list?

Feel like you’re constantly playing ‘whack-a-mole’ with your to do list? You tick one thing off and two more tasks pop up? You’re not alone. 😓

Feeling overwhelmed, distracted, and inefficient – albeit busy – is common for most self-employed folks...especially if you’re flying solo and responsible for ALL the things. 

So how do you get some of your time and sanity back. Where do you start? How do you tackle the to-do list when you’re constantly overwhelmed? Or how do you prevent overwhelm before it becomes…well...overwhelming?

The 4Ds method is a simple and straightforward way that provides clarity and focus while putting you back in control.