Finally, superannuation for self-employed folks

"Just signed up for GigSuper and I'm so excited to just have it automated! It's the only way I get money stuff done. So, it looks like I might even retire one day. Feel like a proper adult now."

Ami Williamsom
Freelance Copywriter

Quick setup. Check it out with just your name and email address.

Things people often ask before they get started

What information do I need to open a GigSuper account?


When you sign up with just your name and email, you’ll first go through some handy tutorials that walk you through the initial setup process. Whatever you set up during this process you can always change later on. At this stage you’re still not a GigSuper member.

Once you’ve gone through that setup, you’ll be asked if you want to activate your GigSuper account. 

To activate your account – so that you can become a member – we’ll ask you for some personal details so that we can verify your identity and confirm your membership. You’ll be able to answer most of these questions off the top of your head, the only one you might not immediately know is your Tax File Number (TFN), so it’s good to have that on hand before you begin.

I’ve never opened a super account on my own before. What if I have questions during/after I sign up?


When you start the GigSuper signup process, you’ll be guided all the way through with helpful tutorials. The tutorials are all in everyday language, which removes the complexity people often associate with super. And if you really get stuck, our Super Guide, Paul, is on hand to help out.

How long does it *really* take to open an account?


Not long. If you have your TFN handy, it’ll probably take you less than 10 minutes. Our member with the fastest account opening did it in just 7 minutes.

What’s the minimum amount I have to be saving with GigSuper?


Technically, there’s no minimum amount you have to be saving. You can have a GigSuper account and not be saving anything into it. 

But what’s the point of that, right? You’re here because you want to grow your super, not keep ignoring it.

So if you don’t have a particular amount in mind, but you’d just like to get started – you can begin saving as little as $10 a week.

Why does GigSuper include a Saver account AND a Super account?


Under the GigSuper hood you get two accounts: a Saver account and a Super account.

In a nutshell: The Saver account is specially designed to help you build a good saving habit without immediately locking money away in super. The Super account helps you build your solid nest egg.

When you become a member, you’ll hook up the Saver account to your bank and start saving weekly. You can start with as little as $10 a week and you can access the money in your Saver anytime.

Then, once a quarter, we’ll transfer money from your Saver account into your Super account to build your retirement savings. Best bit? You can set yourself up with a buffer so that some money always stays inside your Saver account and you can withdraw it if you need to.

Can I make one-off contributions?


Yes you can make a one-off contribution into your Super account at any time.

Once you’ve opened your account, let us know you’d like to make a one-off contribution and we’ll send you the necessary info to allow you to make an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) from your bank account straight into your Super account.

What if I decide I don’t want to use GigSuper after I’ve become a member?


We’ll be sad to see you go, but we’ll help you close your GigSuper account. 

If you haven’t got any money with us, there’s nothing to do on your end except let us know you want to close your account.

If, however, you have money inside GigSuper, you’ll have to move it first. You can do this by withdrawing money from your GigSuper Saver account into your regular bank account and/or rolling money out of your GigSuper Super account to another fund. Once that’s done, we’ll wrap everything up for you.

Will you look after my other superannuation money?


If you’d like us to look after all your superannuation money, you can choose to consolidate anytime. This can be done online via MyGov and we’ll send you instructions on how to do it once you’ve opened your account.

Consolidation often gives your nest egg the best chance to grow because your money is in one place and you’re not paying multiple fees to multiple funds (just make sure you consider any potential loss of existing insurance or other benefits you might have with your existing fund(s) before you consolidate your super).

But you don’t have to consolidate your existing super to become a GigSuper member. If you’d prefer to keep your existing super with another super fund, that’s totally fine too.

How does GigSuper keep my money safe?


Your superannuation money: Money in your GigSuper Superannuation account is protected in a number of ways.Firstly the assets in your GigSuper Superannuation account are held on trust, which means they always remain yours and cannot legally be accessed by others, including claims from any creditors of GigSuper.

Further, as with many other super funds, the money in your GigSuper Superannuation account is held with a custodian. Our custodian is Sandhurst Trustees, a wholly owned division of Bendigo & Adelaide Bank. Custodians act as an important check for super funds because they help protect your money from fraud and suspicious investment transactions.

Your Saver account money: The money in your GigSuper Saver Account is held on trust with ANZ Banking Group Ltd – where you have your own interest bearing ANZ account. 

This account is backed by the Australian Government Deposit Guarantee which provides protection to deposit-holders with Australian Deposit-taking Institutions (ADI) for deposits of up to $250,000 per account holder per ADI.

Set up your GigSuper automations in
3 simple steps:

A background image of green leaves with a mobile phone on top, displaying a Weekly Saving screen on GigSuper App.
  • 1

    Join - There’s no need to complicate things. Join GigSuper with just your name and email to check out the automation features.

  • 2

    Set up - Use our guided tour to see how easy it can be to set up the 3 main parts of self-employed super: weekly saving, quarterly contributions, tax related admin.

  • 3

    Automate - Happy with your setup? Fill in the rest of your details to kick off the automation and get back control of your super (start saving as little as $10 a week).

Quick setup. Check it out with just your name and email address.

What GigSuper members say

"As a bookkeeper, I’m aware of the importance of looking after my own tax and super needs, and love how you guys at GigSuper make it SO easy to contribute (and then to fill out everything for it to use that as a tax deduction at EOFY). Honestly, you guys make it SO super easy, it’s a no brainer! Love the mobile-optimised experience which makes signing up and entering details SUPER easy 🙂. "

Deb Rowling

"As a full time wedding photographer, starting my own financial journey has been difficult without help. With Gigsuper, it takes off my mind about contributing and investing for my future with the direct debit option, I also found myself getting excited to pour more money into my super account because of the tax benefits! Paul and the team has been very generous with their time in helping me kickstart my retirement journey."

Kenny Ngoo
Wedding Photographer

"I found that as a sole trader, being that someone that puts alot of time and effort into your business operations daily, my firsthand experiences with large superannuation funds was cold and disheartening. My options seemed very limited and my contributions ill-treated over time. Using GigSuper I feel confident. I know now that I have options and this makes me positive about my future as a sole trader. I only wish that I had known about this superannuation fund when I began working for myself. More people need to know about Gigsuper!"

Alex Shearer

"I knew nothing about super! I didn't know how to contribute into it or where my money was. I was with my previous super provider for a looooooooonnnnng time and was never offered any information except for an occasional summary. Now that I’m using GigSuper I'm more excited about it! I couldn't wait to transfer my balance over and start the weekly deposits into my attached saver account.”


"I like the consistent contributions each week - the set and forget. Yes I had an autopayment via Bpay set up with Sunsuper but it was easy for me to delay. Also having a super fund that is geared towards solo/small business owners - understanding that a little can go a long way and making the small contributions is a good way to get rolling.."

Korryn Haines
Virtual Assistant

"As a result of using GigSuper I’m feeling much more in control of my super and feeling confident of being able to  continue making regular contributions. this is a result too of having the ability and the choice to withdrawal funds from the Saver account should cash flow be an issue and from having easy access to a simple but functional online portal.”"

Jo Shorrock
Finance Broker

"I just feel good that it is all sorted to be honest. I've been out of a corporate role for 8 years, so there was always guilt about not putting money aside previously. But now I can comfortably put money aside which gives me confidence in my future."

Sam McFarlane
Content Marketer & Social Media Specialist

"Using GigSuper has given me confidence that I just need to work towards my goals bit by bit. And as a result I feel more in control of my finances."

Leah Selfe
Virtual Assistant

"I just want to start contributing to super. I don’t want to be screwed. I don’t want to be that poor old lady that can’t afford the food she likes and has to go without."


Anna Rogan

"Gig cuts through all the fuss and automates everything for you. It's super quick to set up and is a delight to use. I've never been as engaged in my own superannuation as I am now (but why not? After all, it's my money). I can even tell you my super balance off the top of my head. And the feeling of being on top of and in control of my finances? As a freelancer, that's priceless."

Anna Rogan

"Gigsuper has made me feel like they believe that everyone deserves a secure future. In that, creating super for sole traders. And making me feel special and that my investment, whatever the size, matters."

Corrina Pryce-Davies
Virtual Assistant

"Without Gig I wouldn’t be putting money away at all. I’d be head in the sand still."

Nyree Slatter
SEO Copywriter