How GigSuper works

You can finally sort out your super in less than 15 minutes without that “ugh...super” feeling. We’ll help you do it by making the complicated things simple.

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Everything you need to turn what feels like a weakness in your business into a success

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Stop falling behind

It can be hard to part with a big chunk of money at the end of the financial year.
Saving smaller amounts – you can access when you need to – is often easier to manage.
We’ll help you calculate a 9.5% weekly saving, but you can start with as little as $10 per week.

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Save with confidence

You’ll get two accounts: a Saver account and a Super account.
Hook up the Saver account to your bank and start saving weekly. You can access the money in your Saver anytime. 
Once a quarter, we’ll transfer money from your Saver into your Super to build your retirement savings.

cut tax

Take advantage of the system

Lots of people don’t know you can use super contributions to reduce your taxable income.
But with most funds it involves filling out paperwork and sending it in via snail mail.
We can automatically generate it for you and email you a receipt to use at tax time.

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Built exclusively for self-employed people, so it's:

Doing it yourself
Easy to understand
Easy to tailor to your circumstances
Easy to automate

Automate your super

Doing something about your super shouldn't suck up a ton of your time. Get started now and use our guided tour to automate all those bits of super that are otherwise hard to do.

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