Ideal for self-employed people wanting to set the right pricing for their product or service

[FREE MASTERCLASS] Do you suck at pricing?

Join GigSuper and best-selling author + financial educator, Melissa Browne for a practical roadmap to setting up strong pricing foundations regardless of whether you have a product-based or service-based business.

You’ll walk away with:

  • The mistake most business owners make when it comes to pricing
  • The psychology of pricing and how much is art and how much science
  • Five practical ways you can tweak your pricing to increase your average sale and your profits
  • Plus loads more!

There are better ways to set your prices than guesswork

So many self-employed people struggle with pricing in their business. And more often than not, they set their prices based on loosely calculated guesses.

But if you can get the pricing part right, the flow-on effect is life changing to your business.

Understanding your target market, what your audience actually values, and then understanding how much you can charge for your product or service is key.

In this practical masterclass, Mel will take you through how to avoid the pricing mistakes business owners often make. And she’ll give you actionable tips you can implement immediately to boost your average sale and increase your profits.

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Your Hosts

Melissa Browne is a financial educator, business strategist, mentor, entrepreneur, and best-selling author of Unf*ck Your Finances and Budgets Don’t Work But This Does.

Martin Batur co-founded GigSuper on the simple philosophy that you shouldn’t need to be a finance expert to do super properly when you’re self-employed.