Looking to give your social media game a makeover?

[FREE MASTERCLASS] How to build a foolproof social media strategy for your business

Join GigSuper and Oh My Digital for the masterclass: Posting with Purpose – How to Use Social Media Strategically & Brainstorm Endless Content Ideas


Wanting some fresh new ideas to light up your social media?

If you’re not nailing your social media game, then you might feel like you’re leaving yourself and your business wide open to your competitors who are. 😬 So getting on top of your social media presence, and the value you bring to your community online, will stop people from going elsewhere.

But when you’re juggling all the balls in your business, it’s easy to get caught out with all the work that goes into good socials, because it doesn't feel easy and it needs your time and attention.

That’s why our guest hosts, Hayley and Katy will share their ideas, tips, and strategies with you, on how to make your posts irresistible to your community.

Here’s what you’ll learn from this free masterclass with Oh My Digital

  • What most self-employed folks get wrong when they first attempt to build a social media strategy and how you can bypass this common hiccups.
  • How to understand what your audience wants and needs and how you can turn this into electrifying content that leaves an impression.
  • How to create a consistent idea generating system for your social media strategy (so you can stop throwing ideas at the wall and hoping one sticks).
  • PLUS! You’ll get 30+ bangin’ content ideas for your social media schedule that you can implement right away!

Ready to dive in? Let’s do it!

Your Hosts

Oh My Digital (Hayley and Katy) brings both method and magic to the digital strategies they help small business owners create and implement. With tailor-made strategies that achieve quantifiable results, Oh My Digital is an agency that believes in supporting self-employed folks as they grow their businesses.

Paul Seidl is the resident Super Guide at GigSuper – Australia’s super fund for self-employed people. We understand that super is a reflection of how well you do in your business, so we provide you with a holistic approach to business and finance – including perks like this masterclass – so you make the most of every step on your self-employed journey.