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Karlie Plowman

Techno Bird

Karlie Plowman AKA Techno Bird works with established (or newbie) businesses to help them design and create a thriving online profile. Karlie is an SEO specialist and works holistically, with a technical approach, to help businesses stand out from the crowd. We love Karlie’s approach to design and SEO, but we’ve also partnered with her because she’s a passionately loud supporter of small business.

Meet the partner: Karlie Plowman

So, how did Techno Bird begin? Take me back...

Rewind to 2013 – I was on maternity leave with my first baby; I was dreading returning to my mind-numbing, eye-glazing data entry job. And being told what to do. All while wearing a shitty uniform.

I decided to teach myself SEO and web design and immediately loved it.

I don’t know why but it all just clicks for me, it feels natural like I’ve been doing it for years. I weighed up the option of starting my own business as a web designer and realised there was longevity, flexibility, so much creativity, and it excited me. So I quit my 9-5 the second my maternity leave was up and started Techno Bird.

And here I am almost 8 years later.

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Masterclass: SEO Basics for Small Business Owners

Join GigSuper and Karlie from Techno Bird for this actionable masterclass that’ll show you how you could go from undiscovered to easily found by your ideal customer through Search Engine Optimisation.

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What comes first: the website design or the SEO?

Clicks, menus, online design, and mastering the Google algorithm feel like home to Karlie. In this guest blog, she tackles the question – what comes first: the website design or the SEO?

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Self-employed Super Bootcamp

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