You’re 3 times more likely to make contributions with us*

There’s more to self-employed super than just investment returns. Because, quite simply, $0 contributed will have a 0% return. So choosing a fund that helps you contribute is key.

With GigSuper...'re 3 times more likely to contribute to super when you're self-employed.*

In fact, 89% of GigSuper members have made a contribution to super in the last 12 months.*

And 83% of GigSuper members are claiming their contributions as a tax deduction.*

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How to choose the right investment portfolio for you


While the above data is interesting to mull over, there are several things to consider when deciding which GigSuper portfolio is the most suitable for you.

Everyone has a different appetite for risk, which can be influenced by age, aptitude, and experience. Some folks prefer to ride the wave of higher risk, while others are happier to play it more on the cautious side. That's why our portfolios cater to a range of risk profiles – from Conservative all the way to through to High Growth.

When you’ve got a longer investment timeframe (number of years you have left until you need to access your super PLUS the length of time you expect to draw down that retirement income), you might be more comfortable with taking on more risk, as the market will have many years to recover in the event of a dip in the market. 

That’s why you’ll often hear folks in finance say that in the long-term, the market tends to go up, so a more aggressive option such as High Growth may be more attractive for an investor with a longer time frame until retirement.

On the other hand, a short timeframe in the market could easily see a downturn. In the event you need to sell your investments during a market downturn, you might be forced to accept lower (or negative) returns. Therefore investors with a shorter time frame until retirement may find a conservative investment option more attractive.

Alternatively GigSuper also offers an Autopilot investment option – which automatically reduces the risk profile of your investments as you get closer to retirement.

While we’ve tried to make investing across different risk classes as simple and clear as possible, everyone’s circumstances and personal tolerance for risk are very different. Which is why you should read and understand our Investment Guide, seek professional financial advice if you need to, or reach out to our Super Guide, Paul at and he’ll be happy to help.

How to change your investment option


You can switch your investment portfolio anytime using the GigSuper platform – but please note that you can only make switches between the full investment portfolios (e.g. you can switch from Growth to Balanced). You have 2 free switches per calendar year, but will be charged $24.95 (inc GST) per switch thereafter.

What are unit prices?


GigSuper is a unitised fund. When you put your money into super via contributions and rollovers, that money buys you a certain number of units inside the investment portfolio you've chosen. Each of these units represent a share of the portfolio within your chosen investment option. As a result, each unit has a dollar value, or “unit price”. 

This means that each contribution or rollover buys a certain number of units in your chosen investment option depending on the price at the time of investment. As the investments of each option can move either up or down in value, so does the unit price. The Fund calculates its unit prices weekly. 

You can find more information on unit pricing in our Investment Guide.