Running your own business but not sure how to properly pay yourself super?

Go from overwhelm, to properly paying yourself super

You shouldn’t need to be a finance expert to do super properly when you’re self-employed. This guide will give you 4 super handy tips you don't want to miss for building your super up for retirement.

Get back control of your super!

Building your super when you’re self-employed doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. In this FREE guide, you’ll get 4 tips to discover:

  • How to easily build your super balance
  • How to use super to help you pay less tax
  • The benefits inside super that hardly anyone tells you about when you’re self-employed – yup, free money you could be entitled to  
  • How to automate saving into super, even if your income fluctuates

This guide isn’t focused on forcing you to understand superannuation inside out...or deal with complex maths...or become a finance expert.

Instead, you’re about to get a process – with practical, actionable steps for building your super balance when you’re self-employed.

Download the guide and go from overwhelm, to properly paying yourself super

Meet the author

Hi 👋  I'm Paul - the resident Super Guide at GigSuper.

And I’ve put this handy guide together, to help self-employed people like you get back control of your super – regardless of which fund you’re currently with.

You see, I used to be a financial planner. And lots of my clients were retirees who needed to make their money stretch when they stopped working.

The hardest part of my job was seeing first hand the devastating failure of self-employed people retiring with little to no superannuation.

And all too often it was simply because no one ever explained the fundamentals to them. Or helped them through the confusing bits. As a result, they just left it in the ‘too hard’ basket – until it was too late.

So I joined GigSuper to change the beginning of those stories…...and to help self-employed Aussies, like YOU, achieve the type of retirement they deserve.

Reading through this guide will only take a few minutes of your day, but could have a huge impact on your life. Let’s dive in!

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Go from overwhelm, to properly paying yourself super in no time!