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Finally, a super fund that works for all sorts of self-employed people like freelancers, tradies, photographers, consultants, drivers, creatives, independent contractors, coaches, small business owners...and anyone else who works for themselves.

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The problem with going solo

You probably went out on your own because you’re good at what you do and it makes you money.

Not because you suddenly wanted to become an expert in other aspects of running a business – like managing all the different parts of your superannuation.

So you sometimes find yourself asking:

“Am I doing this right?” “Am I putting enough away?”
“Am I paying too much tax?”
“Am I the only one who finds super complicated?”

We hear you.

You shouldn’t have to be a finance expert to do super properly when you’re self-employed.

It should just work.

So let’s make sure it does, with an easy 3 step action plan.

With GigSuper...'re 3 times more likely to contribute to super when you're self-employed.*

In fact, 89% of GigSuper members have made a contribution to super in the last 12 months.*

And 83% of GigSuper members are claiming their contributions as a tax deduction.*

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Your 3 step action plan

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  • 1

    Set aside 15 minutes to sort out your super.

  • 2

    Use our guided tour to see how easy it can be to automate all those things that are otherwise hard to do.

  • 3

    Happy with your setup? Kick off the automation and regain control of your retirement saving (start stashing away as little as $10 a week).


Procrastinating is expensive

Superannuation can be overwhelmingly complicated when you’re trying to do it all yourself.

So lots of people lump it in the ‘too hard’ basket and do nothing about it.

And it can feel like you're falling further behind.

So let's do something about it today.

Because the great thing about super is that it’s never too late – your money will compound over time.

Which means the sooner you start doing it properly, the sooner you can get back on track.


With GigSuper you're 3 times more likely to contribute to super when you're self-employed.*

The personal stories shaping GigSuper

Deb Rowling

"As a bookkeeper, I’m aware of the importance of looking after my own tax and super needs, and love how you guys at GigSuper make it SO easy to contribute (and then to fill out everything for it to use that as a tax deduction at EOFY). Honestly, you guys make it SO super easy, it’s a no brainer! Love the mobile-optimised experience which makes signing up and entering details SUPER easy 🙂."

Deb Rowling
Accountability BAS & Bookkeeping Services, Toowoomba

Jo Hickman

"Just a random note to say THANK YOU for all the value and goodness you folks provide. You really know how to make your members feel super-spesh."

Jo Hickman
Word wrangler & margarita lover, Hola Creative

Karlie Plowman

"I’ve actually never been so into Super and Super-related things until I found you guys!

Karlie Plowman
Web designer & SEO nerd, Techno Bird

Anna Rogan

"Gig cuts through all the fuss and automates everything for you. It's super quick to set up and is a delight to use. I've never been as engaged in my own superannuation as I am now (but why not? After all, it's my money). I can even tell you my super balance off the top of my head. And the feeling of being on top of and in control of my finances? As a freelancer, that's priceless."

Anna Rogan
Chief Copywriter & Do-gooder

Hollie Barac

"I’m stoked that there is now a fund specifically for self-employed people and I cannot wait to shout it from the rooftops. Couldn’t have come at a better time."

Hollie Barac
Accountability & Productivity Partner

Ami Williamson

"I'm great at saving money for super, but TERRIBLE at actually transferring it to the fund...BUT! Just signed up for GigSuper and I'm so excited to just have it automated! It's the only way I get money stuff done. So, it looks like I might even retire one day. Feel like a proper adult now."

Ami Williamson
Copywriter & Chief Cookie Enthusiast, Damn Write

Got questions?

OK, I’m in! How do I consolidate my super?


A few days after opening your account you’ll be able to see GigSuper listed in your MyGov account (using the ATO linked service) – including super you might have lost track of over the years.

Using the ATO transfer service you can select which accounts you'd like to combine into your GigSuper.

Just make sure you consider any potential loss of existing insurance or other benefits you might have with your existing fund(s) before you consolidate your super.

And don't forget to finalise the tax status (e.g. whether you're claiming the contribution as a tax deduction or not) of any personal contributions you've made in the current or previous financial year before you roll over to GigSuper. Once you've rolled over you won't be able to change the tax status of any personal contributions made through your old fund(s).

What do tax deductions have to do with superannuation?


When an employer puts an employee’s money in super for them, it gets taxed at 15%.

When you’re self-employed and you personally put money into super, you’ll need to pay tax in your own name on that money, at your marginal tax rate (which is 34.5% for the average self-employed Australian).

However, if you want that money to get taxed at 15% instead of your marginal rate – you need to claim your contribution as a tax deduction.

Traditionally this involves sending paperwork to the fund, but with GigSuper you can automate the process, helping you reduce your paperwork and your tax bill.

What are your investments like?


You know how Warren Buffett is always praising index funds*?

Well, we are too.

All the investment options in GigSuper are built using index funds to try and minimise you having to pay fund managers unnecessarily hefty fees. Find out more here.

*To be clear, he's endorsing index funds, not GigSuper. If he does endorse us, you can bet we’ll let you know.

Is GigSuper for all self-employed people?


GigSuper helps all sorts of self-employed people like freelancers, photographers, consultants, tradies, drivers, riders, creatives, independent contractors, celebrants, small business owners, coaches, side-hustlers, influencers...and anyone else who works for themselves.