Finally, super for the self-employed

You deserve to keep more of your hard earned money. Get your super on track with the only super fund purposely built for self-employed Australians.

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Are you ignoring your super because traditional funds slug you with all sorts of complicated forms and painful procedures when you’re self-employed?

We get it

That’s why we’ve taken the best bits of traditional super and combined it with our smart technology so you can easily save, transfer, and claim tax deductions with just a couple of taps.


Meet the family, friends and self employed colleagues whose personal stories are helping design our fund.
"Yes - at last! Somebody that understands the struggle of working for yourself. I like that GigSuper simplifies the process, removing the roadblocks of conventional super. Why hasn’t anyone thought of this before?!"

Melanie Fisher, 37yo

Independent contractor
"As a member of the gig economy it would be extremely beneficial to have a super fund that recognises the sporadic nature of my income."

Rick Liston, 34yo

Freelance photographer
"Every year my accountant tells me I should be putting money into super to help minimise my tax, but I never get around to sorting it out.  If only someone would make it easy."

Julian Scillio, 45yo


"It's easy to ignore super because it feels like traditional super funds are built for employees who get their 9.5% automatically paid by their employer without thinking about it.  If someone made it easy, just like all the other apps on my phone, I would definitely do it."

Kym Charlton, (age not disclosed)

PR professional


Traditional super can be a technical and administrative nightmare. With industry experience and clever tech, we’ve hacked the old process to make super work for self-employed Aussies. Here’s how…


Take control now


You get two accounts: non-super and super

The first one is an investment account and helps you establish a good habit of setting money aside for super without locking it away for years and years. The second one helps you retire more comfortably, knowing you’re on top of your finances.


Consolidate with a single tap

We’ll help you find any super you’ve got out there and roll over everything with just a single tap. It’s time to wipe out multiple fees, monitor and control your money in one place.


Autosave, top up, or both

Even if your income varies, you can use our convenient autosave feature to build a good savings habit. Or you can just top up your non-super account when you get paid. It’s totally up to you.


Withdraw if you need to

Things work a bit differently when you’re self-employed. Sometimes the money doesn’t pour in as frequently as the bills do. That’s why you can withdraw anytime from your non-super account.


Take control at TAX time


Just tap to contribute and claim

You can easily transfer money to your super and claim tax deductions within your GigSuper app. Our smart technology puts you in control so you don’t have to juggle various platforms or paperwork.



We’ll be hands down the best when it comes to superannuation made simple for self-employed Australians.  That means no more paying for employer focussed services that you can’t access.

GigSuper will be packed full of features that are important to you, like -  the convenience of saving, easy transfer to super, claiming tax deductions, and more - all with just a few taps.

You can also rest assured that your insurance has been designed for self employed people just like you.

And that’s the type of comfort and peace of mind worth signing up for.

GigSuper multi platforms (Desktop, Mobile, Tablet)

Super. Convenient.

We won’t kill the vibe with legacy paper-based processes. GigSuper is an app-first fund, meaning you approach super the way you approach work - on your own terms, at your convenience.



Why should I contribute to my superannuation?

The short answer is: Money in your super = less tax now = more cushy and carefree  retirement. While the top tax rate for individuals is 45% (plus the Medicare levy), you’ll only pay 15% on the money that goes into your superannuation (subject to applicable contribution caps). It’s the easiest, most assured way to build your wealth and it should be a significant part of your long-term investment strategy.

Who is GigSuper for?

GigSuper is the only superannuation fund purposely built for self-employed Australians. Register your email address to check out how ridiculously easy we’ve made it to get your super back on track. We’ve taken the best bits of old school super and combined it with our smart technology so you can easily save, transfer, and claim tax deductions with just a couple of taps.

If this is a super fund, how come I get a non-super account too?

We know that when you work in the gig economy, you can’t always rely on regular income. Which can make it tricky to contribute to your super. So the first step is to establish a good saving habit. The easiest way to set money aside for super - without locking it away - is to fund your non-super account with a weekly autosave transfer. If you need to, you can access this money anytime.

Sounds like a lot of control. Can I just set and forget?

Everything’s built in so you can get your super on track with as little or as much control as you like. You can easily link up your bank account and set up a regular autosave amount into your non-super account, followed by an auto-transfer to your super account - so you never have to think about it. Or you can do everything manually, as frequently as you like. It’s totally up to you.